Hi, I'm Brian Cody.

An Augmented Reality Enthusiast And Passionate STEAM Educator.

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I am passionate about the growth opportunities of Augmented Reality and using it to inspire the next generation of creators. Advanced Interactions is a collection of my Augmented Reality projects, experiments and presentations. As the technologies, tools and platforms continue to evolve I'll continue to experiment, publish projects and look for opportunities to educate students through STEAM initiatives and programs.

Projects & Experiments

November, 2022

Building and delivering Augmented Reality experiences online (without a single line of code)

Publishing some of my lessons learned and tips from the Augmented Reality holiday card I created during the height of the pandemic. With augmented reality becoming increasingly popular its only a matter of time before AR experiences become the norm.

Read the full article on LinkedIn.

November, 2020

Cody Family Holiday Card

Using Apple's Reality Composer tool, I created and augmented reality experience for our holiday card that delivers a special interactive message to our friends and family in 3D.

If you have an iOS device you can run the AR Experience here.

March, 2020

STREAM Class Demos: STREAM Launch & Pope Francis 3D

Augemented Reeality demos created using Apple's Reality Composer tool, for my STREAM class. Students were given instructions and created their own versions of the Pope and Blast Off AR experiences.

May, 2013

Sol 3D iOS App

During NASA's annual hackathon I created Sol 3D, an iOS App that read weather information from the Curiosity Rover in real time while replicating the conditions currently on Mars using augmented reality. The App also allowed the user to drive the rover and while displaying Mars facts and information.

Tools Used: Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK in Unity 3D

January, 2013

Experimenting with Leap Motion and Vuforia

A quick experiment to see how close I could get to becoming Tony Stark. I combined the Leap Motion SDK with the Vuforia augmented reality SDK to achieve the result you see in this video.

Tools Used: Leap Motion SDK and Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK in Unity 3D

November, 2012

Save Frosty - iOS App

I created an iOS app to complement our holiday card. This interactive AR game challenged users to guide Frosty to the North Pole while avoiding camp fires along the way. It also featured a video message from my daughter.

Tools Used: Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK in Unity 3D

September, 2012

Experience Mars - iOS App

Experience Mars entertained and educated users about the Red Planet though the power of Augmented Reality. This iOS App featured 5 interactive augmented reality scenes and an 8 page companion booklet that is free to download and print.

Tools Used: Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK in Unity 3D

October, 2009

b5 Designs - Flash AR Business Card

My 1st Augmented Reality project (cira 2009) was an Augmented Reality business card for my web design business b5 Designs. It was built using Flash and required you to use a webcam.

Tools Used: FLAR Library and Flash

Presentations & Education

April, 2020

Augmented Reality STEAM Course

Slides from my 4 week / 4 part STEAM class teaching the next generation of creators about the next generation of media consumption.

A group of Catholic school students learned about Augmented Reality’s history, future, current applications, career opportunities and tools then used Apple’s Reality Composer tool to create AR experiences about the life of Pope Francis.

November, 2013

Augmented Reality Session at the Game Developers Conference Next (GDC Next)

This session educated and entertained about the past, present and future of augmented reality (AR), and the opportunities it presents for game developers.

Topics included how AR began, the current tools/costs/options for building AR apps, building AR apps with Vuforia/Unity 3D, the future of AR, and its impact on the future of gaming.


If you are a STEAM educator, fellow augmented reality enthusiast or just want to network please reach out. I'd be happy to connect and learn about volunteer opportunities for STEAM education initatives.